Usually dark, yet lovely to behold. Passive to befriend yet active to win hearts with their winning smiles. Sky-high mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, steep trails, etc. are the landmarks of their habitat. Tigers and leopards are their frequent visitors. They live where other humans would fear to tread – deep down in the forests and in its fringes. Yes! They are the Jennu Kurumbas. Their language is like music, their culture so rich in its content. This website unfolds to you the unexplored world of Jennu Kurumbas,who live in the Nilgiris district of Tamilnadu, Wayanad district of Kerala and Mysore & Kodagu districts of Karnataka. Do enjoy the beautiful pictures and videos of Jennu Kurmbas that is so surreal to the core. Find out more about various developmental works taking place in Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu as well as kodagu district of Karnataka. This website would also offer other links to useful resources that would help you know more about Jennu Kurumbas.